Postwar Plan Could Be Green
The eyes of the world are upon the United States as we struggle to help Iraq regain its freedom and self-reliance. Oil would still play a role in Iraq's economy, but even in a mixed fossil/renewable scenario, the distributed-grid generating systems described in the book Small Is Profitable ( could do it more efficiently.
By Lee H. Goldberg for Electronic Engineering Times (05 May 2003).

Small Is Profitable—Book Review
For those looking for pathways to clean, decentralized energy solutions, Small Is Profitable will be an indispensable reference work and source of inspiration. If you want to see more PV, fuel cells, cogeneration, and energy efficiency, read Small Is Profitable and encourage utility regulators to do the same.
By Larry Chretien for Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (2003).

Time To Come Down From Their Ivory Towers
Years ago Amory Lovins, in his book Soft Energy Paths, pointed out how wasteful we are with energy. We could save enough by using energy efficiently that we won't need to build ever bigger power plants. We know how to build houses that use one tenth the energy of conventional construction. Someday soon we will realize that we should all be on a softer energy path. In his new book Small Is Profitable he has looked at distributed renewable power systems and found over 200 ways in which meeting our needs with small solar systems is the more economical and sensible thing to do.
By Steve Clark for EV World (01 November 2002).

Energy Strategies Special Report—Rocky Mountain Institute: Approach to Energy
Small is profitable. Smaller, decentralized electricity supply sources can be cheaper, cleaner, less risky, more flexible, and quicker to deploy than giant plants. Rocky Mountain Institute is at the forefront of quantifying the benefits of this approach.
By Linda Monroe for Buildings (February 2002).

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