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Small Is Profitable named 'Book of the Year' by The Economist.

Here's what industry experts are saying about Small Is Profitable...

Walter C. Patterson
Senior Research Fellow, Royal Institute of International Affairs, London
"A tour-de-force and a goldmine of good ideas. It is going to have a stunning impact on thinking about electricity."
Dr. Shimon Awerbuch
Senior Advisor, International Energy Agency, Paris
"An amazing undertaking—incredibly ambitious yet magnificently researched and executed."
Dr. Carl Weinberg
Weinberg Associates
former Research Director, PG&E
"Outstanding....You have thought of some [benefits] I never considered....A great resource for the innovation in energy services that will have to take place for us to have a sustainable future."
Greg Kats
Principal, Capital E LLC
former Finance Director for Efficiency and Renewable Energy, U.S. Department of Energy
"This is a brilliant synthesis and overview with a lot of original analytics and insights and a very important overall theme. I think it is going to have a big impact."
Dr. Daniel Kammen
Professor of Energy and Society and of Public Policy University of California, Berkeley
"E. F. Schumacher would be proud of this rigorous extension of his thesis in Small Is Beautiful. It shows how making systems the right size can make them work better and cost less. Here are critical lessons for the new century: technologies tailored to the needs of people, not the reverse, can improve the economy and the environment."
Tom Dinwoodie
CEO and Chairman PowerLight Corporation
"Small Is Profitable creates an unconventional but impeccably reasoned foundation to correctly assign the costs and true benefits of distributed energy systems. It has become an indispensable tool for modeling distributed energy systems benefits for us."
Nicholas Lenssen
Senior Director, Primen
"A unique and valuable contribution to the distributed energy industry....Small Is Profitable highlights the societal benefits of distributed resources, and will be a helpful guide to policymakers who wish to properly account for these benefits in the marketplace."
Steven J. Strong
President, Solar Design Associates, Inc.
"This book will shift the electric industry from the hazards of overcentralization toward the new era where distributed generation will rule."
Dr. Thomas E. Hoff
President, Clean Power Research
"Readers will understand why distributed resources are poised to fundamentally alter the electric power system. Its comprehensive review of the benefits of distributed resources [is] an important part of my library."
Howard Wenger
Principal, Pacific Energy Group
"The most comprehensive treatise on distributed generation....Great job and congratulations."
Prof. Richard Hirsh
University of Vermont, Leading historian of the electric power sector
"...[D]ensely packed with information and insights...goes a long way to demonstrate that the former paradigm of electric power supply no longer makes sense."
Ralph Cavanagh
Energy Co-Director, Natural Resources Defense Council
"Amory Lovins was already the world's most original and influential thinker on the future of energy services in general and electricity systems in particular. This remarkable book is a very worthy addition to an extraordinary legacy."
Dr. Peter S. Fox-Penner
Principal and Chairman of the Board, The Brattle Group
former Principal Deputy Assistant, Secretary of Energy
"This is a book every utility professional should have on the bookshelf."
T. J. Glauthier
President & CEO, Electricity Innovation Institute
"Amory Lovins has done it again—by thinking 'out of the box' he has greatly expanded our understanding of the benefits and uses of distributed energy resources. Everyone who cares about the electricity system of the 21st century should read this book."

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