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Executive Summary
This book describes 207 ways in which the size of "electrical resources"—devices that make, save, or store electricity-affects their economic value. More...

This discussion of a complex and wide-ranging field is presented in the way we feel will best serve diverse readers, ranging from interested laypeople and citizen activists to technical specialists and market participants. More...

Part One—Needs and Resources
1.1 The Inflection Point
1.2 Context: The Pattern That Connects
1.3 Where We Start: The Existing Power System
1.4 Fine-Grained Thinking
1.5 Uncertainty Reigns
1.6 Cautions and Heresies More...
Part Two—Benefits of Distributed Resources
2.1 Introduction
2.2 System Planning
2.3 Construction and Operation
2.4 Other Sources of Value More...
Part Three—A Call to Action
3.1 A Framework for Action
3.2 Policy Goals and Objectives
3.3 Policy Recommendations
3.4 Implications for the Private Sector
3.5 Why Distributed Generation Matters to Every Citizen More...
Table of Defined Terms
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Table of Illustrations
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About the Authors
Written by RMI CEO Amory Lovins with six coauthors. More...

About the Publisher
Rocky Mountain Institute (, founded by Hunter and Amory Lovins in 1982, is an independent, entrepreneurial, nonpartisan, nonprofit applied research center. More...

Post Printing Corrections
Corrections. More...

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